The Original New Jersey Sunflower Maze™ #sunflowersnj Opening Day and 1st Flowers blooming for the season August 19, 2017. As of Thursday August 17, about 12 red sunflowers bloomed. Most fields are Green and have not bloomed yet.We hope to have new blooms thru September 2017, depending on weather.Thank You for Supporting our Family Farm.
The Original New Jersey Sunflower Maze™#sunflowersnj  Opening Day  and 1st Flowers bloomingfor the season August 19, 2017. As of Thursday August 17, about 12 red sunflowers bloomed. Most fields are Green and have not bloomed yet.We hope to have new blooms thru September 2017, depending on weather.Thank You for Supporting our Family Farm.

Several Years of Media Coverage

"Here Comes The Sun"
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